Learning Challenges

If your child has been identified with learning deficiencies or struggles with basic language skills or attention problems we can design a customized program to address these special needs. We focus on helping children build their self-confidence as well as master reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Our services are designed to support the student's learning activities and to help them overcome learning challenges, and help them stretch their minds to achieve greater success.

We believe each person has a unique learning style and with proper coaching and motivation, they will develop the self-confidence to overcome any challenge.

Our goal is to make learning engaging and energizing. With Aim High Learning you will reach academic success today and will acquire the skills necessary to become a life long learner. Our services provide:

  • Diagnostic and assessment tools to pinpoint learning needs
  • Customized, individualized tutoring plan
  • One-on-one private sessions with an academic coach
  • Highly educated, motivated teaching coach
  • Continuous evaluation and feedback on your progress

Study Skills - program is designed to teach students how to learn. Topics include time management, test taking, outlining, note-taking, and much more. This program is geared for any student having difficulty completing homework and staying up with class assignments.


"Attending Aim High's writing program has increased my son Casey's writing and research skills and strengthened his confidence in himself. It used to take both of us sitting at the table to do a writing project. Now, when I come to the table it is to review what he has done."

- Loretta Smith