Our History

Aim High Builds Awareness on Children's Development, Rights and Well Being through Free Education and Informational Events

We raise awareness of children’s rights to grow up in a safe, healthy, unbiased environment and to ensure children's mental, social, academic, and physical well-being, thereby creating a better future for our children.

Advocacy for Children

Aim High advocates for Children's Rights and has been recognized by local, State and national organizations and elected officials for our work in building awareness.

Education and Careers

Aim High built awareness among parents and children on careers of the future introducing them through guest speakers on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.)

Children's Safety

Aim High in partnership with the Greater Pasadena Community informed parents, foster parents, grandparents and children about issues related to safety and security.

Cultural Awareness

Aim High built awareness of the diverse cultures and traditions of our multi-cultural communities and engaged children and families to learn from our rich backgrounds.


Aim High believed it takes a village to raise our children.  We partnered with the business community, government and educators to bring attention to children's rights and issues.

Recognizing Our Volunteers

Aim High events could not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers of Board members and community and children's advocates.  We appreciate and recognize their volunteerism, dedication and service to the community.