Mindful clutter

At the advent of springtime most of us think about decluttering our homes and our workplace. We like to sort out and assess what to keep and what to discard. Similarly it is a time to declutter our minds. It is when we make a conscientious decision to eliminate any outdated ideas, any negative opinions and unproductive thoughts. It is time to empty out old worries and harmful biases to be replaced by meaningful perspectives.

The best way to clear one’s mind is to sit and reflect and write down whatever thoughts come to our mind. Write down the crazy and extreme thoughts, as those are the ones that can lead to creative thinking. We may need to let go of certain old ways of thinking, and replace them with fresh approaches.

Each time we declutter our mind we make room for new ideas; and help to reinvent ourselves which is crucial to our productivity and to take on any challenges and opportunities that may come our way.

Moving forward we focus on the priorities in our life, our passions and determine in our mind what role we will play in improving the lives of those that impact us on a professional and personal level.