Our Shared Galaxy

Solar Eclipse 8-14-17

The great Universe that surrounds us is an unimaginable mysterious expanse made up of myriads of galaxies big and small. The three kinds of Galaxies, namely Spiral, Elliptical and Irregular are mainly distinguished by their shapes; one of these galaxies is the Milky Way. Sun and its solar system belong in this great Milky Way.

The Sun radiates life -giving sunshine but with improper exposure to its ultra-violate rays can affect vision health and over period of time can result in diseases such as Muscular Degeneration, Cataracts, Photo keratitis and many others.

On August 14 when we had a rare chance to see the solar eclipse but at the same time were presented with the vision safety concern. Consequently, millions of people in the United States watched the sun through specially made goggles, some of them were commercial brand but others were homemade carefully crafted for safe viewing. However, we will not have the opportunity to use those eclipse viewing glasses till the next occurrence in 2024.

Subsequently, Chatham Academy in Savannah, according to LA times (Aug 25. 2017) is collecting these glasses to be donated to California-based Astronomers Without Borders. The nonprofit astronomy group plans to distribute the glasses to underprivileged children in South America and Asia for the eclipse that will pass through those continents in 2019. The Telfair Museum in Savannah is also collecting glasses for the same effort.